How To Earn Online 5 Tips

How To Earn Online 5 Tips

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How to earn online 

Today I will discuss about how to earn money from online . Now a days income process is various but people are not advance so that for income source are not available to that people who are not income money from online .

I am a online blogger YouTuber from last 6 years I gain lot of knowledge on how to income online . health topic

Last 3 years online market have lot of competition  also so much of income process has comes .



Blogging is a process where you post article through your  website .this article should have unique and interesting .when you post more then 25 post then you can apply for Adsense when Adsense approve then you can earn some money . But some time Adsense approval is so much difficult so that for you can use other high paying adnetworks like bidviser infolink etc

You can create your blog through or other hosting process that you have to know about how install these process .
So my suggestion you to if you are new in blogging industry then you can choose or if you are pro in blogging industry then you can use hosting . or WordPress

WordPress is better for SEO reason because WordPress have mora manual function that can you improve you SEO for your website . which better for Google rankings 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where you can earn share profit from seller side .now a days lotsoff e-commerce site in the market like  Amazon Flipkart ebay ShopClues etc.

They have provide affiliate account where you can create your own link when anyone buy anything through your link then you can earn some commission like if buyer purchase 2000 rupees product then you can earn 5 % from purchase amount .


If you have knowledge on ms office, Photoshop,web designing,theme design , article writing than you can earn money from freelancing .

There are lots of site available like lots you can search on Google .


If you have lot of knowledge on one field . Then you can create your videos and upload on YouTube after  that Google verify your content and after your verification successful you can place your ad on YouTube .

In this field now a days lotsoff money are generat .

You create your own business through internet

If you have already a business then you can put it on online that is much profitable then offline business .like you sell your product in ecommerce site or create your own site .

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